Elizabeth Acuña



I have had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with founders for more than seven years. During my startup investors journey I have been able to analyze and review more than 4,000 investment opportunities and have a role in the formation of the venture capital ecosystem in Peru. I have always felt motivated to create a more diverse ecosystem. This led me to found Women Empowerment, an initiative that seeks to involve more women in the startup community as mentors, investors, or entrepreneurs. I have worked together with the IDB for more than four years to design and spearhead its pitch competition for female founders from Latin American and the Caribbean. Likewise, I have been part of the Board of the Peruvian Venture Capital Association. This position provided me with a structural perspective of the interconnectedness of the ecosystem in Peru and an opportunity to create initiatives to strengthen our community for the future. These experiences have validated to me the talent and execution capability of entrepreneurs in Latin America. This existing potential is what motivates me to continue working and learning from them every day.


I enjoy talking with people who are always looking for more efficient ways to solve relevant problems in Latin America. I am very impressed with the speed with which LATAM founders can iterate and adapt to the various changes that their environment and sector may have. I look out for founders who have a regional vision that encompasses both the growth of their company and the positive impact they can create in society. This must go hand in hand with the steps and a clear execution roadmap to achieve what is proposed. Diverse teams are very important to me, and I want this to be reflected in our building portfolio. There must be diversity in the founding team and leadership positions within the startup. It is also relevant that the solution impacts and creates opportunities for its clients or end-users, whether improving the quality of life, financial inclusion, better education, and fairer jobs.